Initial Diagnostic Evaluation

Initial diagnostic evaluations are conducted over the course of 60 minutes. They consist of a comprehensive interview to explore past psychiatric history, medical history, and reason for current visit. Each client will be afforded the opportunity ask questions and have treatment options explained. At OneStepClinic we want each client to be able to understand treatment options and make informed decisions. Our goal is to develop an evidence-based treatment plan where every client understands the potential risks and benefits of each treatment option. We provide very thoughtful and deliberate care. Through active listening and thoughtful questioning, we deliver evidence-based, compassionate care to adult patients. You'll feel heard and not rushed or ignored in every visit. Our approach to treatment is always patient centered. 

Follow-Up Appointments

Follow-up appointments typically last anywhere from 20-30 minutes and are used to assess each client’s response to medication and treatment. Often this will involve the use of screening tools and self-reported scales to objectively track progress. This is the time the client and clinician will also discuss any changes or modifications to the treatment plan and the clinician may engage in brief supportive psychotherapy to assist in reaching treatment goals.